March 2016 Internet Campus Study

During the month of March 2016, I began conducting a survey designed to provide insights for Lake Pointe Church leadership about how people utilize the church’s Internet Campus.

Even though the estimated weekly attendance online exceeds 3,000 people, there is little known about this audience. Since the internet creates a significant level of anonymity, there are many unknown elements related to who attends the Internet Campus, how they feel about the experience, if they interface with hosts, and why they attend.

The purpose of this survey is to provide quantitative data to help the church better communicate and engage those attending the Internet Campus. The survey also includes several opportunities for respondents to provide qualitative data via comment boxes related to a survey question.
Even though the Internet Campus of Lake Pointe Church is over four years old, this is the first in-depth survey.

Since my research has revealed such limited research work available, I am posting my findings here in an effort to add to the available body of research.


The data revealed a majority of respondents had utilized the Internet Campus as an outreach tool.