Systematic Creativity – A Practical Guide

From: Systematic Creativity by: WES HARTLEY

It’s hip to be creative. Creativity is no longer reserved for artists, musicians, and advertising. Instead, creativity is being pursued and valued across all markets and disciplines. It has penetrated both the secular and the sacred.

The pursuit of creativity, however, also gives birth to a burden: Someone has to actually do all the work needed to bring this windfall of creative ideas to life.

In the realm of a church, creativity can take on many forms, but most often the focused creative energy is centered around worship experiences. To be creative during weekly services, churches have to do more than just come up with good ideas; they have to be able to consistently execute them with excellence. If a church fails to bring good ideas to reality, it cannot claim to be creative. It can only claim to be a church that wants to be creative.

Creativity without consistent execution creates a credibility problem.